Why do tungsten jigs help anglers catch more fish?

The secret to catching fish with Tungsten jigs through the ice is now taking off with open water anglers. For several years, ice anglers have proven their success by catching insane numbers of fish using Clam Pro Tackle Tungsten. Clam has taken that technology and applied it to an exceptional lineup that is going to take the open-water fishing industry by storm— CPT 365.

Tungsten vs Lead Jigs

The fact that Tungsten is denser and harder than lead translates into many benefits for anglers.


- (Harder than Lead) The harder tungsten jig transmits energy better, which lets you “feel” the structure better. This in turn enables you to work the jig more effectively and feel underwater timber, or the transition from rock to sand bottom.


In addition to structure sensitivity, CPT Tungsten lets you feel the bite better.


- Tungsten emits a different sound when bounced off rocks, logs and structure. While lead deadens sound, tungsten amplifies impact which can attract fish.


- Heavier CPT Tungsten gets baits down to the fish faster, as well as helps keep the coil out of your line. A straighter presentation translates into more felt bites, and a better hookup ratio. This is especially important in heavy current, where a straighter line is critical to bite detection.


- And Tungsten shows up better on electronics than lead, helping you with a better bait presentation.


One of the superstars to the lineup of Clam Pro Tackle 365 jigs is:

The Drop Tg.

This open-water jig has the best of all premium jig features…

99.7% Pure Tungsten

Mustad Ultra Point 2x Strong Long Shank Hook

Denser, so the tungsten jig with the same weight as lead will have a smaller profile and higher sensitivity.

Round ball jig with a 90-degree hook is perfect for live bait or plastics

The harder tungsten increases structure and bite sensitivity, for more hookups